about Tommy Heisz

I am a Danish nonfiction writer and journalist, based in Copenhagen. For the last ten years I have been self-employed as a freelance writer and author of several books. 

My latest book is out about the Spanish flu. The book is (for now) only available in Danish, but here is an English description: 

A hundred years ago, a deadly disease swept the world and became one of the worst disasters in human history. The pandemic known as the Spanish flu infected around half a billion people worldwide and more than 50 million people lost their lives in 1918-1919. Over the last three years, Tommy Heisz has been digging in archives and combing old newspapers to gather material for his book. Through eyewitness accounts Heisz paints a vivid picture of the fear and sorrow caused by this pandemic. Hospitals were full of patients battling the disease, and coffins with the deceased had to be stacked up in chapels. In trams, theatres, and other public spaces fear and caution reigned. But Heisz also tells the stories of brave nurses, doctors and volunteers who played an important role in those two years as roughly 15000 people succumbed in Denmark.

In former documentary books I have explored the story of the famous Swimming Girls of the 1930’s, Denmark’s first real sports stars, and I have written about English football in a cultural-historical context. 

As a freelance journalist, I primarily work in the field of reportage and long-form journalism. I write for one of Denmark’s leading newspapers Politiken

I also teach. As an external lecturer at DIS – a Danish Study Abroad Program – I teach travel writing / nonfiction writing to American college students in Copenhagen. 

Contact: tommyheisz@gmail.com